Monday, December 26, 2011

Tools, Rewards & Charts Part 3

"The miracle isn't that I finished

the miracle is I had the courage to start."

~ John Bingham

Part 3: Charts

I apparently dropped the ball on this one... but mostly you'll love & forgive me
because you knew it was going to happen... right?

So the reason I started this 3 part post was to  was to get me to focus
on finally putting together our rewards & discipline system...
Hopefully I've shared a couple of good ideas with you.

So New Years Resolutions #1
Create this as magnetic pieces for my drip pan
(This is by far my favorite "Discipline Chart" I have come across)

and something similar to this, along with the poker chips
and the checkbooks I have for them to keep track of their "earnings"
Follow the Arrow's Reward System

 If you are look for some Home Management Charts,
First I have to tell you I'm a fan of Cozi,
a free online management resource for Busy families...
including mobile applications.

Although I know not evryone can pick up a chalkboard off of Craigslist...
Need more? Here is a great link to printable charts & planners
at Design Finch that I think you'll love!

And when it comes to Food Storage & charts,
No one can do it better than the Gals over at
Food Storage Made Easy... among their many resources 
they have this awesome Excel worksheet

The only other one 
I can suggest you to take a look at is 
I'm playing around with it myself and 
so far I really like the Inventory manager.
Set up a free Limited account and try it out for yourself... 
Let me know what you think if you do!


Now if you know me at all you know I am imperfect,
My organization needs works...
but when I find a system I can keep up with 
(Sometimes I need help putting it there)
I stick with it.

SOOO, its real easy to get over whelmed by charts 
and the need to have everything perfect...
or to do it all yourself.
I have been fighting my 50% KOS (Korean OCD Syndrome)
all of my life...
Sometimes I do so good... I don't do anything at all :)
Don't beat yourself up about it!
Here is what Simple Mom has to say 
about Finding your own routine ~ Enjoy :)

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