101 in 1000

101 in 1000
I recently saw this on another Mil Spouse's Blog (Many Waters) and realized that the Bucket List I had here previously just wasn't cutting it. On the other hand I have my dream book ~ a 3 ring binder with magazine cut outs and quotes.  All of which are possible realities - so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next 1000 days :)
Go to Day Zero Project to learn how to start your own!
(If you have your own Day Zero List or Blog Post on the same topic - feel free to share your link!)

1 Go white water rafting
2 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
3 Ride in a hot air balloon
4 Go horseback riding
5 Do some volunteer work
6 Go skinny dipping with my Honey
7 Graduate from WGU
8 Have dinner by candlelight
9 Go vegetarian for a month
10 Learn Spanish
11 Visit Italy
12 Attend a film festival
13 Buy something from Etsy
14 Go snorkeling in a shipwreck
15 Get rid of 100 things
16 Paint my face for a sporting event
17 Visit a Buddhist monastery
18 Live in a foreign country for one year
19 Visit the Pyramids at Giza EGYPT
20 See the Statues of Easter Island CHILE
21 Visit Tikal National Park GUATEMALA
22 Hike Mount Kilimanjaro TANZANIA 
23 Dive the Great Barrier Reef AUSTRALIA
24 Visit White Sands NEW MEXICO 
25 Travel the Oriental Express
26 Go on a cruise
27 Visit the Statue of Liberty NEW YORK
28 See the Anasazi houses in Mesa Verde National Park COLORADO
29 Visit Stonehenge UK 
30 Visit family in California
31 Take family to Disney World
32 Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium
33 Go hiking in the South Americas
34 Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
35 See a volcano
36 Write a children's book
37 Write a fan letter
38 Write a detailed zombie apocalypse plan
39 Go on a picnic
40 Improve my posture
41 Go on a spontaneous road trip
42 Identify 101 things which make me happy, or smile, and photograph them
43 Write in a journal every day for a month
44 Have Mommy & Me time with each of my Kids 
45 Tour Amway HQ in Ada, Michigan
46 Tour XS HQ in California
47 Flying kites with my kids over a sandy dune
48 Visit N.C. Aquarium
49 Visit N.C. Zoo
50 Fly in a Kitty Hawk
51 Visit Statue of Liberty
52 Visit 9/11 Memorial in New York

Check back for updates...