Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas Links & More

I love the 12 Days of Christmas....
I Love Advent Calenders too!
My favorite Christmas theme is homemade...
My eyes glisten with potential projects,
and I find I am lucky if I can get 1 or 2 actually done!
So let me share some of my favorite 
12 Days of Christmas Blog Posts :)
I love Baking Memories!
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with Carmel Icing
If you like Bento Lunches - You will love these 12!
Star Mint Meringues
 Gingersnaps are one of my favorite cookies! 
(Can you guess some other favorites?)

Some of these are Cute!
My Fave is the 3 ingredient Fudge.. and Yes,
Yes ~ I will be eating this one in my room witht the door shut...

Vanilla Peppermint Fudge & Andes Mint Cookies!
Ohh and a favorite I haven't seen in a while
Molasses Cookies with a Twist!

Looking for a cookie recipe you haven't found in a while?
Check out the Cookie List compiled at Moms Who Think!

I Love Gifts of the Heart!
This is soo true of me... I like gadgets and gizmoos,
but not as gifts per say.
I figure I can budget Or get it for myself.
But I really have a hard time accepting Gifts 
that come with a Price tag...
I start to over think that this is what you value me...
As if I could be Summed up in One Price Tag :)

I am far more touched by homemade gifts or
Thinking of you Gifts :)

A perfect last minute Romantic Gift ;)
25 days of showing your spouse you love him/her!

Stumped for an Idea?

Everything in a Jar    Awesome Gifts or Care package ideas!

The Coffee Cozy was a favorite
(Or Hot Cocoa Cozy?)

The Crayon Roll, The Cinnamon Honey & Toffee Popcorn,
The Bean bags :) and the Picnic Blanket!

What are some of your favorite Homemade Ornaments?


1979 A Christmas Together holiday special.
John Denver & The Muppets!
(and in case you were looking for The True Price of Christmas for 2011 
or Go check out the Christmas Price Index.)
12 Days of Christmas Deals  
and yes my consumer impulses totally love the deals that come out...
I only wish one thing different...

I can not see myself purchasing all 12 days of goodies...
The shipping alone FOR 12 DAYS is scary!

I would be good with purchasing the deal... and then selecting an option 
to have them all shipped to me at once.
at the end of those 12 days,
get the package deal with the remaining items.

Maybe its just me... 
but it seems the deals come out between paychecks?
1 check out for 12 days of deals,
would work out better for our finances...

Just some food for thought.

Here are a couple deals I have my eye on;

This is a partner store of course.. 
and each year they have some awesome deals!
It would be nice if you signed into my store first before making your purchase :))

I also have a catalog Party with Celebrating Homes;

and if I could Afford it a "New laptop"
I have visions of doing my school work 
while the kids are playing at a local playground.
There was some awesome deals during Black Friday,
but the cash flow didn't match up....
Email me if you come across any more Deals (especially from my Partner Stores)
and I'll post the Noteworthy & Fun ones!

And Finally... Advent Calendars

Ive collected a couple in My Pinterest : Advent Calendars

This is one of my favorites! I always like finding more than one use
for my Oil Drip Board & Cookie sheets!

Simple & Fun!
and oh my goodness!
This is too fun!

and because we are fans of Lego Creator sets
every year I like to check out Advent Calendars like...

the Lego City Advent Calendar (Partner Store: Barnes & Nobles)
You can always pick up individual pieces or take a set like this and 
put a couple into a box each day for a different twist :)

(You can check my pinterest for Advent calendars like this for girls)
 This year, Christmas is coming Early for us (In a couple of Days!!!)....
So as much as I wanted to make our family an
Advent Calendar this year,
we went with an Old Favorite...

and the kiddos don't seem to upset by it at all!

can anyone find a Godiva Advent Calendar?
Its ok I have my own secret stash....
I'll Make Do :))

** pssst!... After I put this post up I cam across another Advent....
What I Love about Grateful for Grace's blog
is how simple & wonderful it is!
Not to mention she included a printable verse & tasks
you can use!

“Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.”

~ Oren Arnold

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  1. Love this post today! Thanks for the fabulous gift and door prize ideas...they'll be put to great use on MANY different holidays and occasions!


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