Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Choose your own Adventure

If you have an Old Maid with 5 Gold stars 
~ You won your choice of a case of Khave Espresso or XS Energy drink ~
If you have an Old Maid card with Stars of any other color 
~ You won 5 punch outs on your loyalty card towards a free case or gift card ~
If you have a card with anybody but the Old Maid
~ You won an entry for a chance to win a $30 value Ribbon Gift Collection ~
 ...and with that Congratulations to
Robin L.

If you have any Old Maid cards ~ you have until Oct 1st to contact me.
Sometimes I feel like an Old Maid
before I had kids
I was young and the world was mine!
Then everything changed,
because Life is one big Choose your Own adventure,
and for some reason you just can't peak ahead!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fort Hood Army Wives EXPO

Not many ppl know this about me but I'm a total spaz the night before a big event! Most of the time I can't even sleep! I am Absolutely a nervous wreck! Its almost as bad as right before I get on an airplane or any trip. Im ok once Im started or as long as I stay busy, but until then Im a highly energized ball of mush going nowhere! 
Then there is the point of no return.