Monday, March 12, 2012

See you on the other side!!

I did it!
Or rather my brother, Uncle Awesome did it!

I had signup for a WordPress account last year but blogging over there seem so complicated...
That was until my Bro put all the pieces together for me!

Now if your interested in whats going over in our 
Classroom or my Business Events you can go directly there....
... So much cleaner... Don't you think?

Still working out some domain & self hosting issues...

I was really hoping to put off the Self Host or Not to Self Host question a little longer...
Uncle Awesome is giving me the boost of confidence to go forward ...
So here goes!!!

AND For the Punchtab loyalty rewards to work
 I NEED to self host, so for now keep visiting & sharing to rack them up until this page is deactivated from the loyalty program
Don't worry I'll let you know when it will switch over : )

So please use the direct link and Hop on over!

See you on the Other side!

p.s. If I haven't returned your follow or comment yet... don't worry I'm still coming!

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