Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
I started this Blog a year ago for a couple of reasons,
so First I want to Thank you for hanging in there with me,
as I have talked about my Business,
my Homeschooling experience,
and our Family Life :)

36 post
5275 views later...
From 2011, I realize I have a lot of silent readers...
I want to reward You better,
and Make it more Fun for Both of Us,
Being Creative to keep my Sanity

 My New Year's Resolution # 5
Change the way I do Giveaways
I'll make an honest effort....

 SO...  I'm changing the way I do my giveaways
and I hope this is a Win-Win solution for both of us.
I will still have my giveaways during the Month 
of My Favorite Things (November)
and on Green & Clean/ Earth Day (April).

In addition,
When On any page I post about a product,
and that post gets the # of comments to be double the amount of the item cost... I will give it away. I will announce on my blog when that has happened & post an entry form.

(I should probably say this now...
FYI I have not been given nor have I been given any item to review on my blog...
I purchase each and everyone of them.
(Unless I state otherwise.)
Which means all the opinions on my blog... *gasp*... are my own.)
Coon's Family: Why Non-Mormon's read Mormon Mom Blogs

My New Year's Resolution # 6
To increase the number of Blog Reader Participation
and to Reward my readers better...
after all isn't that what giveaways are suppose to do?

Introducing... PunchTab
If you see on the right a widget like this... 
 "Thanks for your Visit! 
You have earned 100 points..."
 Click the message to claim your points & sign up!

Once you create an account and login you can earn rewards,
for doing what you are already doing.
  • Visiting my site  – for your first visit to my site every day you will earn 100 points
  • Liking content on Facebook – for your first Like on my site every day you will earn 100 points
  • Tweeting my content – for your first Tweet from my site every day you will earn 100 points
  • Google +1 my content – for your first Google +1 on my site every day you will earn 100 points
  • Commenting – for your first comment of the day you will earn 100 points
 *The maximum number of loyalty points that a user can earn in one day is 500.
 *The contents of this catalog can change at any time based on availability.
* Items are Shipped Free to you

 *When a you choose to redeem from our the custom catalog 
(1.)I will be notified by email; 
You will be notified by email that (2.) I will be contacting you shortly to confirm delivery info
and (3.) the appropriate number of points that will be deducted from your redeemable points balance.*

 * If you did not receive the item within the time frame I give you, Contact me ASAP.

Once you sign in, you can see the Custom Catalog I have created for you.
I have chosen companies and products from my website - including Partner Stores,
that I hope you will enjoy.

So I need your Help;

If you see something on my website 
And you would like it to be added to the catalog or see as a giveaway ~ comment below!
(I will be using the comments throughout the year) 

"Men are rich only as they give, He who gives great service gets great rewards"
~ Elbert Hubbard


  1. Happy Birthday Christine's blog!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I love the way you're working to keep improving your blog and reward your readers, too ... awesome! :) Deb @


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