Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dennis the Menace Park

Dennis the Menace Park
(Also known as El Estero Park)

I told you there would be some musings...
Many years ago when visiting with my Oma (Mom) we would come to this park.
A lot of good childhood memories.

I miss the Merry Go round swing. You could grab the handle, and run as fast you could go.
Then watch your feet flight out.
It looks like it was removed.
I guess another example of how fun - unsafe play was LoL

I especially loved the train, back then you were able to climb aboard and let loose the world of pretend...
The train has now been closed off, I presume to preserve its historical value.
Lil Dragon was disappointed, but I hear there is a rail road camp near by :)

This is my favorite park in the whole United States.

There are paddle boats& fishing nearby.
There is small garden maze with a play scape in the middle.
There is a giant bridge.
and even a rock climbing wall.

If there is something better I haven't seen it yet.
It's so awesome that the McDonalds on the corner didn't even bother putting in a play area.
(Which I have to say I was really disappointed to not find an indoor play area from Pacific Grove – thru – Marina that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Not even an indoor bounce/ jump house. The nearest one is in Salinas & Santa Cruz. I did find out about MY a Monterrey Youth museum (from what I could tell its like a Children Discovery museum). The parking downtown was horrendous - After driving around in circles I decided it wasn't worth it.)

See the boots? Lil Dragon absolutely loves them :)
Go ahead & Add Fireman to his repertoire...

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