Thursday, October 20, 2011

Phytonutrient Snack Attack!

Its Phytonutrient Snack Attack time!

Phyto... what?
So you have heard the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Pop Quiz: How many apples a day are you suppose to have to keep the doctor away?

You might give an answer of 2-4 servings.
Some of you might be knowledgeable enough to know that serving depends on the age of the person.
However, you would still be wrong...
Sorry, that was a trick question...

Did you know that you are suppose to try and consume 7 different  COLORED fruits & Veggies a day?
A recommended amount might be 3 fruits & 4 veggies,
but in reality, it is their different colors that is essential.

That is if you want to keep the doctor away.

and... did you know that the brighter the color - the better?
Here is an awesome blog article on how those colors keep our immunity strong.

Those colors (in both fruits & vegetables) giveaway what kind of nutrients and antioxidants, known as Phytonutrients, we are consuming.

I recently had the opportunity to help Duncan PTA come up with a healthy and antioxidant rich snack for their Healthy Kids Night.
... and then we helped the kids make their own trail mix :)

What's in our Phytonutrient rich snack?
Dried Cranberries
Dried Blueberries
Chex mix (gluten free)
(extra bonus points for those who can tell me which phytonutrients & what they do for us)

The kids loved it! 
and Well so did the adults. :)

The Duncan PTA hooked the kids up with a Zumba instructor
(which I also took the liberty of enjoying) and I received a personal demonstration of Karate moves by a a cute 5 year old - Swift as lightening!

Did you Know?
Cranberries are one of only three fruits native to North America 
(the other two are blueberries and Concord grapes). 
Check out here for more cool info on cranberries

Download The Phytonutrient Brochure here 
Phytonutrient Fact Sheet 
Looking for Phytonutrients suggestions this season? Check out the Spaghetti recipe here;
Test yourself here; Daily Phytonutrient Snapshot
and a neat Visual Guide & Calculator; How many should I eat?
and where to buy Organically farmed Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables from me :)

And if you would like a Nutrilite Coloring Book - Let me Know How many & where to send it to :)

"At Nutrilite, we believe you should eat whole fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible, and that Nutrilite products fill in the gap between the fruits and veggies you need and what you actually eat, with natural plant ingredients and the nutrition that most people don’t get from their diet alone."

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