Tuesday, October 18, 2011

100 in 3

"I have never allowed my schooling to interfere with my education."
~ Mark Twain
Library books everywhere beware,
I have this desperate urge to mark and highlight the books I am currently reading.
its taking sheer will power,

Have you ever heard about The Hundredth-Monkey Effect 
Howard Behar in It's Not About the Coffee ~ Leadership Principles from a Life at Starbucks, talks about Market Inception and the Power of Doing the Right Thing.
This book and others like it should be required reading in every high school and college business class.
No Joke.
(Currently its a library book in danger,
possibly a future Barnes and Nobles book purchase)
The Monkey illustration is about when an idea (or product) reaches Critical Mass
~ other wise also known as the S curve in Innovation Theory ~
I could go on and cite what I have learned at Western Governors University about Market Innovation and Inception but ... just to summarize;

I would like to pause here and thank Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures
for inspiring me to draw my own...
Next time I will probably ask her to draw my pictures or stick with photos...
You never truly appreciate talent of others until you try it yourself....

OK so here we go...
A product goes thru a life cycle
In the beginning nobody knows about - they may even laugh at it

then it starts to catch on, it becomes popular
enter S curve

then about the time everyone has one, it starts to become old hat.
The original product flatters and dies.
The company can even come to an end.
Decisions have to be made.
Make a new product?

reinvent the old into something new?
 Every product or service goes through this.
Its profit driven to survive.

So when you see new services being offered or a new product,
Now you know.
Its really quiet insightful.
The funny thing is I learned it first at one of those Amway meetings.
One of those after Amway meetings that go late into the night.
It was free
I kinda expect it was a clever explanation to make a point.
Maybe even a ruse.
I didn't even appreciate it until I began my education at WGU.
Sure Ive learned bigger words,
and now I understand there are so many variables,
even ways to calculate it.
I was amazed to find that it was a real concept
and it works.

But Getting back to the Monkeys and the Book;
Mr. Behar used this story to show how Starbucks grew with a goal.
 (Check out these other cool monkey photos at Animal Zoo Guru)

Which in turn caused me to be inspired.
I have spent alot of money over the years to vendor at events,
most of which I have been unable to sell at.
Because Murphy reads my Facebook status and says... oh today would be a good day to be sick...
I learned alot about events, staffing, planning, inventory.
Some events were a long way from home.
Some of them have been for a good cause.
I like giving products away to be raffled off at these events.
I have found I enjoy sharing, if not educating, about the products I have.
I enjoy making new friends.
When I sit down and look at the cost
to me and my family
to my business,
even stress
I realize there must be a better way.
a Harmonious way.

and then it hit me
100 in 3
100 new customers in 3 months.
I have found my favorite kind of customers,
are ones who have touched and sampled, and tested my products for them selves.
and Ive learned It would be more cost effective to share locally.
I've also been getting alot of request for discounts.

The other thing I realized is that I haven't shown in a plan, an Amway Plan in years.
Which is sad to say, because I am a circle drawing fool!
(some of you may get that - and others well... )
I mean its real easy to show a plan nowadays;
with a dvd or flip chart.
Regardless, I am way out of practice

But my favorites will always be the ones on the back of napkins
See here... except imagine doing this on a cocktail napkin... hehe...

and of course
on marker boards :)
heck I'm not all that tech savy - but they even have an iTune app

So Ive created a local promo.
Give me 15 minutes to show a plan and give samples.
and I will make it worth your time.

I will give you $10 in store credit for each person in attendance.
Which means if only you and I are in attendance I will give you $10 off your next purchase.
If there are 10 in attendance, that would mean $100 in store credit.
Ohh and I should add that I only plan on doing 2 of these a month, but no more than 4 in a given month.
Yeah Crazy, I know
(psst If the same person comes to each sampling party - they will only be counted once for the promo.)

This should be fun :)
and if we are not having fun - then I'm doing it wrong.
At the end of Jan - Ill let you know how the promo worked out.
In the meantime - I could use the support & love.
Not to mention it will keep me sane until my Honey comes home :)

As to other up and coming biz events;

November is My Favorite Things.
Each week I will post a trivia question, most likely about Amway or Amway products.
Comments will be entered into a random drawing
- where one of my children will randomly select a winner-
Which you will have no idea who it is,
so your efforts of bribery will be futile :)

At the end of November we will have a drawing for our Customer of the Quarter.
Only those who have placed their own orders (group orders do not count) are eligible for entry.

Actually the very next blog will be about Homeschooling;

I will be sharing our field trips :)

The school supplies we are currently using,
A crafty project,
A cooking project,
and a surprise...
 What? You thought I was going to give it all away?
(If your watching my Twitter feed you will notice I have a contest hint hint)

“The world does not pay for what a person knows, but it pays for what a person does with what he knows.”
~Laurence Lee

and Here are some promos that may still be available

Coffee lovers; Purchase a KAHVE® by BUNN® 10-cup Coffee Brewer (74-8850) you get a FREE case of great-tasting KAHVE coffee
If its is no longer available - my apologies.

I offer discounts ~ Ask me about my Ditto Promo.

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