Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whats Your Deal?

So My Super Hero is off and I've recuperated some what ~ I think
Mostly its accomplished by keeping busy.
I'm almost done with unpacking at our new place.  Its smaller than our last house, but def more manageable and way cheaper ~ although with the killer summer heat the electric bill could def make a run with my money.
Next project, tackling the "wall of memories" ~ all 12 boxes and making some sense of it.
On 2nd thought I really should put this gusto towards my homework.... maybe...

I was doing good pretty good until Yesterday.
Yesterday was our 2nd year Anniversary.  I thought I was gonna take myself out for dinner may Shoguns or the Edelweiss restaurant in Harker Heights.  
Maybe see Cowboys and Aliens or the Planet of Apes prequel(?). 
It didn't happened.
I didn't cry.
I just didn't want to pull myself together to go anywhere.
I didn't want to talk to anyone, well maybe just one person...
So I got on the computer & played until I was exhausted.
Ever had days like that?

On the other hand, Today is a whole new day!

If you had responded about the Perfect Water samples - I have bad news.  I am having a hard time shipping individual bottles through the post office; finding the right size packaging and then considering the shipping being expensive because of the weight and size.  Sooo for the time being I will offer $5 credit to any beverage order this month reimbursed to you via paypal or check( your choice).
If your order is $100 or more than I'll give a $10 credit.

Catching up on other business...
June's Customer of the Month is Trish B.!
July's Customer of the Month Drawing is Beverly P!


August deal of the month; 
 The Brain Wash

How to gt this free?

** Any $100 order, containing at least 1 Nutrilite product ~ including weightloss products, sports nutrition, children's vitamins, & other vitamins/ minerals 
(which should ALSO give you a free shipping if you sign in & place order at 
or go directly to and this book is yours

(Example; Purchase The Perfect Pack or a Weight Management bundle get Free shipping + Free book.)

If you are not a book reader, 
Let me know and you can get a free case of beverages, snacks, OR gift card instead.

Last but not Least...
 What's your deal? 
Let me know what your ideal deal would be. You pick the products and tell me the sale - 2 for 1 etc...  
If I choose your deal in Sept, October, November, or December, You get $25 in store credit, $25 Best Buy, or a Variety Ribbon Gift Collection.  
***If 5 or more customers take advantage of the deal during that month, your prize is upgraded to $50 store credit or a $50 range Ribbon Gift Collection card, or $50 Best Buy gift card. Gift will be awarded at the end of the month. Only Comments below will be accepted as entries.  
Good Luck - Be Honest - Have fun!
“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~Leo Tolstoy.


  1. I would love to see, Buy Two cases of XS get One free!

    Trish B.

  2. Spend $50 on NutriLite (sp?), get $10 off your next order of NutriLite products. Buy a two month's supply of XS and your third month half off. Refer 10 NEW buying customers, get $10 off your next order. Contact phone or FB - Cyn

  3. Purchase one case of Khave Espresso Cans, get one 1/2 off. (Perfect for stocking stuffers!)! Purchase two Beauty products of your choice, receive your third one free (must be of equal or lesser value). ...Thanks for the opportunity! Please email me at ...thank you!


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