Monday, August 22, 2011

Do you have magazines in the Home?

I have to confess, when someone goes door to door selling magazines - my heart goes out to them.  Usually there is a story about how they have traveled many miles and they are trying to earn some money for college or win a trip to Hawaii.  Sometimes I couldn't help but feel I was in the middle of someone's CON.

However, I've always been just a little more wary when a police buddy relayed to me the story where he happened to be home on his day off;
He happened to peek from his bedroom window, 
and see that there was 2 guys (dressed nicely as they usually are)
- one in front of the door with a clipboard and a magazine brochure, and one off to the side with a baseball bat.  He came to the door with his gun, opened it about an inch, let them know he was not interested in whatever they were selling, and then instructed his accomplice and himself to vacate the premises.... 

Lesson #1:  Never bring a  knife (or in this case a baseball bat) to a gun fight.
Lesson #2: I now prefer to buy my magazines from HEB or other store racks and through Amway.

Yes I said Amway.

I remember as a kid getting Ranger Ricks, Highlights, and The Friend (Church publication)in the mail. How exciting! It was like getting an incredible present every month, and I would pour over each page with such intensity!

Last night I was watching on Netflix The Human Family Tree courtesy of National Geographic. It reminded me that I haven't picked up one of their magazines in a while.  I remembered how exciting and wonderful it was to learn about the world through National Geographic ~ The Pyramids! Current Events! Treatment of women throughout the world! Amazing animals! 
I would like to say that I remembered some school teacher having highlighted them to me - but unfortunately most of the subjects are quickly introduced and others breezed by before its soon forgotten. 
No, it was this memorable magazine that made that sparked my curiosity & made the most impression.

So I logged into my website, went to More Products and clicked on Partner Stores & Services and looked up Magazineline ~ and sure enough they carried them! (The deal they had was pretty good too & very straight forward, which means alot to me) 
How wonderful it will be to share this treasure with my kids! 
I am looking at incorporating the magazine into our home school studies.

I would love to hear your stories and ideas!
Which magazines are you familiar with or grew up with?
What story do you remember or how did they make you feel?
How do you use magazines? For school projects or crafts?

"A diplomat is a man who remembers a woman's birthday but never her age"
~  Robert Frost

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