Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are Back in business!

Woot! Woot!
WE are Back in Business! Ohhh Yeah!

I have seen alot of people with 2 and 3 different  multi level marketing businesses
and all I can say is - go back 
and read 
the fine print of your contract or company policy!

Apparently they each have an anti competition rule ( I checked ! ), 
i.e. being involved with any other MLM,
means you are in violation!

There may be an exception or waiver you can obtain.
But in the end if you are serious about your business,
Which one would you choose & Why?

For me it comes down to the flexibility
(it doesn't cost me anything to switch from selling vitamins to skincare products),
Risk Free 
(IF I don't sell anything for 3-6 months I am not penalized plus an awesome refund policy!),
the products (quality & variety), 
and the customer service (trust & professionalism).

When weighed and measured I found Amway the star performer.

I still like the products from emergency food & tools store, there really is a need,
but I am happy to be a customer.

Today is also a Happy occasion, its my brother Birthday!
This pain in my butt actually grew up into a young man everyone is proud of!

Happy Birthday Fred!

(To celebrate, this week only ~ Anyone who orders a beverage
will be entered 
to win a Variety Ribbon Gift Collection card.)

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