Monday, January 2, 2012

Dallas Amway Distribution Center

While My Honey was Home from the Middle East,
we had an opportunity to take a trip to the Distribution Center in Dallas 
to pick up for our Dallas & Killeen group order.

This was the 2nd visit for me but the 1st for my kiddos.
(Nicko-san opted to stay home... because he didn't think it would be cool...
when he saw the pics... he was like awww man... guess who is going with us next time?)

We parked in the designated IBO parking lot.
 Pinkalicious & Purplicious liked watching the packages travel, especially the ones over head.

When you place your orders, they are placed here ready for pick up.
If you need to order for same day, remember to give them at least 2 hours & to place it before 2pm.
(There is also a lobby nearby where you can pick thru a catalog and place an order on the spot)

Without going into too many details... its very efficient!
 We didn't have to wait long...
Lil Man seems to think this is just as cool as trains... I guess I can see the similarity :)

 before our order was ready :)
Can you see Lil Man helping Daddy?

 Everyone had a Blast helping to load the car :)

As Awesome as the trip was for us,
I can't wait for the day I get to tour the Amway Headquarters in Ada, Michigan!

The Pickup fee is a flat $6.75
There are 6 distribution centers in the Good Ole USA;
Puerto Rico
(not including other off shore locations)
If you are a Customer & don't live close to a center,
there is always Free shipping for anything over $120.

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  1. Wow, that's a different kind of family bonding. I seldom see a father like you who carries kids not only to explore a distribution center but also to pick up the orders. For sure, your wife would have been proud of you and your kids.


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