Monday, November 7, 2011

Tools, Rewards & Charts Part 1

This is me reporting Live
On the subconscious network!

I was very surprised to see the topic of chore charts on several blogs in the last week or so,
Which made me question whether I should post what I have been working on

Oh Heck I'm gonna do it anyway!
I'm gonna do this in 3 parts/ 3 blog posts

Part 1: Tools

First up;
Oil drip pans = Magnetic board 
(We picked up ours at Auto Parts for under $11) 
This might look familiar as it seems to have gone viral,
at least5 of my friends have shared this with me!

I thought - Nice - but what could I use it for?
and the wheels began turning...


 The same principles works with cookie sheets & pizza pie pans 
(I found these at my local Dollar Tree Store).

Including these awesome Word strips

and these visual aids

But don't let these pics be the scope of your imaginations...

I couldn't resist picking up these Phonics cards from Barnes and Nobles!
(B & N is a partner store - and if you shop thru my website - I receive credit for your purchases!)

 If you see doubles - your eyes are not messing with you, both short & long are represented including blends.  Def worth the money - even if you pull one out and use it for the day/ week!

I am never satisfied until I find multi purposes for an item
I absolutely Love to put Magnetic strips on the back of anything!
(The word strips will prob under go the same process)
Another favorite find at Barnes & Nobles...

The Mad Libs Junior is perfect for my first graders.
After all it is never too early to 
start exposing them to adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc...
and The Junior Series does an awesome job
by producing lists that they can choose from.

My 4th grader on the other hand finds the Mad Libs series 
fun and engaging - he doesn't even realize he is reinforcing his lessons.
A win for both of us!
I am really tempted to give these as future birthday gifts...
  (Mad Libs can generally be found for $5 or less.)

Besides Barnes & Nobles and the Dollar Tree,
Some of my favorite other favorite Teaching Tools have come from

Educational Outfitters
They are my Pocket charts & ManipulativesGo to store.
I recently purchased these Frog sticks from there and these Pocket chart cards.

They seem to carry more varieties in Store - then I was able to find thru their website.
(Ill try posting a picture later)
If you can not find what you are looking for
~- Don't hesitate to call them ~
their staff is very knowledgeable & helpful

and of course Office Depot
(another favorite Partner Store)
Who would have thought that
Not me
Since they are a Partner Store ~ I really like to send my print & lamination jobs 
thru them and then they get shipped to my door.

Reminded me of the Math Inflatable balls a friend of mine uses;
When the child catches the ball,
the problem cloest to their right thumb,
is the one they need to solve.

How Fun & Engaging is that?!!!
How would you use them?
You can grab these Beach balls to make your own teaching aids!

Looking for more Tools?
Take a Look at 1+1+1=1 Tools for Tots

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
~ Chinese Proverbs

This Month is MY Favorite Things
 Which means I giveaway some of My Favorite things - on every Blog post!!
Would you like to win 
a $25 Barnes & Nobles OR Office Depot Gift Card?

Then ....
Please Share your Teaching Aids!
OR links to some of the ones you like
OR what you would do with your Gift Card if you win :)

Each comment is an entry to win - No need to sign in to post a comment
Last Day 2 enter is Nov 30th - Winners will be announced Dec 2nd

~ Good Luck ~


  1. Great Ideas Christine! For sure need to add an oil pan to my homeschool rm now = ) With a $25 gift card to B & N I would build my classics book collection as part of our read a louds with the kiddos.

  2. If I win I would go buy some teaching supplies for the kids (:

    Moniquebbon at yahoo dot com


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