Monday, March 21, 2011

EXPO winners!

Currently we have the following winners from  the Expo;
Congratulations to Juanita Rhodes who won her choice of; (1) a 1 hr Massage, (2) $50 value  Choices Ribbon Gift Collection, or (3) 1 bottle of the XS mixer! 
*Juanita choose the Choices Ribbon Gift Collection* Can't wait to hear what she decides to choose for herself!
The first 250 to attend the Expo Saturday received goodie bags with a raffle ticket for a Variety Ribbon Gift Collection card.  and the first number pulled was Hands of Faith Massage (Paulla Anderson)'s!  (412053) ie the person who is giving the massage for the above prize... *ahem* so In all fairness both Paulla & another ticket, and another ticket, and another was pulled and no one responded - sooo read the above post to see if you will win the other Ribbon Gift Collection ~ sorry I can not air mail you a massage ; )

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